DISCOVER is an app concept that helps high school teens find the right book for them to enjoy.

Creative Direction, UX/UI Design / 2019

The problem

You remember in highschool, when you had to read a book for a test, but you couldn't find a book that you enjoyed, and there was nothing to help you, so instead of reading the book you just searched online for a summary? The library in Venlo recognizes this problem and also sees how it's losing connection with younger generations. Zuyd Hogeschool was asked to develop a solution to help teens enjoy reading a bit more and also involve the library in the proces of it.


It's just that simple

We did research for 5 weeks. Both desk research and interviewing teens in schools. We went in, trying to find this unmet need and we gathered a lot of valuable insights: they can't concentrate when reading in class, it's not a "chill" environment, they have no time because of all the homework and of course all the distractions. But there's one thing every teen said... and yes, it's just that simple and clear. The core problem is that teens struggle to find a book they enjoy, which discourages them from starting at all.

Het begin allemaal met de juiste keuze.

Our solution

Suprisingely, there's no app we could find that helps teens with finding the right book. We wanted to make this app easy to acces and very simple. It has 1 purpose and 1 purpose only: find a book that suits your needs. The students start with a small series of questions where you have to choose between 2 options. These are mostly questions about mainstream media & entertainment. Eventually a list with recommended books will be created.